Air Traffic Control Systems

Our primary ATC system consists of the Easat EA5025 reflector antenna and EP1643 turning unit, plus solid state transmitter receiver, combined with a choice of several displays and processing equipment.

Our Radar systems for controlling the movement of aircraft include:

  • Primary Radar:
    Provides detection and measurement of aircraft coordinates allowing data transmission to control centres for monitoring and providing Air Defence and Air Traffic Control.
Air Traffic Control Systems

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  • Secondary Radar:
    IFF operates in conjunction with the Primary Surveillance Radar or as a stand-alone to provide means of identifying beacon-equipped aircraft on radar displays. Both military and commercial grade MSSR antennas can be provided. A fundamental element of the Air Traffic Control mission is to provide to proceed to planned destinations while maintaining safe flight path separation.
  • Surface Movement Radar:
    Provides effective surveillance for airport taxiways and runways including aprons and service roads.

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